Teaching Infectious Diseases & Case Studies: The Great Diseases Partnership - a collaborative approach to bring biomedical science to high school classrooms


Come learn about our cutting-edge high school biomedical curriculum (The Great Diseases) created around the topic of Infectious Diseases, with a focus on the case study approach to problem-based learning. Experience our engaging, activity-rich lesson plans, and find out how you can gain FREE access to all our materials, professional development trainings, and implementation support programs.

As part of the workshop we will model some hands-on classroom activities, such as an “Adaptation Auction” that highlights the role that pathogenic adaptations plays in the host-pathogen interaction; or the “War Card Game” that has students debating and deploying the most appropriate host defence against different pathogens. 

Revati Masilimani

Scientific-Education Researcher

Dr. Revati Masilimani is a scientific-education researcher. Her training and research has been in Immunlogy and Infectious Disease and she works to design and disseminate high school curriculum in biomedical science in collaboration with teachers and scientist partners. she has always believed that the fruits of scientific research cannot truly be realized unless they are transmitted widely through educating the lay public as well as the next generation of budding scientists. At the Center for Translational Science Education (CTSE) at Tufts Medical School, she works with a remarkable group of scientists and educators to use the best practices of both science and education to engage people in science.