Simplify Your Life: Teach Your Kids How to Learn

simplify your life

We are so obsessed with teaching students WHAT to learn that we sometimes neglect to teach them HOW to learn. This makes learning difficult, requires an unnecessary amount of repetition, and yields disappointing test scores. Your job as a teacher becomes easier when students take responsibility for their own learning and know how to do it. 

This workshop will engage teachers in practicing the "Learning Skills Cycle," which involves showing students how to:

  • take responsibility for their own learning,
  • train themselves to be more attentive and to focus,
  • develop learning strategies and organizing learning materials accordingly,
  • gain understanding of concepts they do not yet understand,
  • use memory techniques to remember vast amounts of information long term
  • solve problems,
  • be more creative.

This workshop applies to almost any subject area and any grade. Attendees should bring:

  • an academic concept that students have trouble understanding,
  • a bit of academic information that students have trouble remembering, and
  • one school challenge for which they need a creative solution.

Bill Klemm

Professor, Neuroscience, Texas A&M University

Dr. Bill Klemm became interested in learning skills as a student in a public middle school in Memphis, Tennessee. He is living proof that learning skills can lead to outstanding academic achievement. Despite his modest high school IQ of 113, he became valedictorian with the highest grade point average from any school in Memphis and the surrounding area. By age 29 he had doctor’s degrees from Auburn and Notre Dame, was a captain in the U.S. Air Force (later becoming full colonel in the Reserves), and was an assistant professor at Iowa State University. In one year, they awarded him tenure. He surrendered tenure to take a position in the Biology department at Texas A&M University, which also awarded him tenure after the first year. Two years later, at age 35, the College of Science faculty made him a full professor.

As a professor of neuroscience at Texas A&M University and a widely published educator, Dr. Klemm is listed in 19 biographical publications, including Marquis’s Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. He speaks and writes with authority about brain and behavior. He provides lectures and workshops on learning skills at teacher meetings. He has published
20 books, many of them for lay audiences. He has 55 invited chapters in textbooks and research monographs, along with over 250 peer-reviewed research reports. He has been an editorial board member of the Texas A&M University Press and of 14 scholarly journals (6 of them are education journals). He has written a monthly column on healthy aging for six years for his city newspaper and writes blogs about learning and memory for Psychology Today that have generated over two million reader views.

He is co-inventor of Forum Matrix, a precursor of wikis and Google Docs, and used this idea to become a pioneer in online collaborative learning environments. He is a principal author of online, federally funded, middle school science curricula available at no cost at, a site that last year had downloads from 1,995 teachers. He created and manages a LinkedIn group “Neuro-education: Promoting Cognitive Development

Recent books (reviews can be seen at include:

Teach Your Kids How to Learn. 2017. Rowman and Littlefield.
Improve Your Memory for a Healthy Brain. 2015. Benecton.
Mental Biology. 2014. Prometheus.
Better Grades, Less Effort. 2013. Benecton.
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