The Journey of Water & You

The focus of this workshop is to show the role and importance of water in our environment and society. Topics include factors that affect potable water quality and availability. The population is growing, examples of alternative water sources as a future water supply will be given. Methods to calculate how much water is used daily and monthly will be reviewed. The discussion will examine the sources where one uses water and how to conserve.

Hands on activities include:

  • The properties of water,
  • The effect of soils on water: runoff, percolation, and soil types,
  • What dissolves in water : non-point source pollution,
  • Methods to record daily water usage, and
  • Educational resources: scientific websites, and interactive usage calculations.

Chuck Kellogg

Conservation Manager, Aqua Water Supply Corporation

State University of New York: B.S. Health Science  |  University of Minnesota: Graduate studies, Horticulture Science

HIs career has been in the field of best management practices and utilizing new technology for water use. Specific areas of focus include commercial/residential irrigation design, developing water conservation education programs, and evaluating/auditing irrigation systems.He has worked for Aqua Water Supply Corporation in Bastrop, TX, for 15 years.

Dinah Breeden

Retired Librarian, Smithville ISD

Dinah Breeden brings 24years of teaching experience to her 14th year of Summer Institute. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Texas with a Math Concentration and Early Childhood and Learning Resources endorsements. Throughout her educational career she has been active in teacher and parent organizations and was published in TEMPO, the magazine of the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented as well as having spoken at their parent conference. Currently, Dinah has retired after completing her 13th year at Brown Primary School as the Librarian. She has also served on the Smithville I.S.D.’s District Site-Base Decision Making Team for 23 years in virtually every capacity.

Outside school she enjoys reading, swimming, and playing with her pets. Her family has travelled extensively, visiting all 48 contiguous states as well as Mexico and Canada. Dinah has been married to her husband, Chuck, for 36 years and they have 2 awesome children and two very precious grandchildren.

Valerie Breeden

Special Education Educator, Smithville ISD